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Bridge Farm Equestrian will be working with Lingfield Equine Vets. They will be putting a worming program into place to ensure the horses worm burden is kept to a minimum. They will also have vaccination programs and clinics.

Lingfield Equine Vets is located 5 miles from Bridge Farm Equestrian and they will always be on hand to help with any medical problems on the yard.

14 acres will be sown with an Equine Pasture which contains no ryegrass. This will help prevent issues with horses, such as stomach ulcers and laminitis through a lower sugar content. The following is the composition of the seed used per acre -


1.50kg (10.7%) certified ERECTA timothy

3.50kg (25%) certified COSMOLIT meadow fescue

2.50kg (17.9%) certified MAXIMA creeping red fescue

1.50kg (10.7%) certified QUANTUM tall fescue

1.50kg (10.7%) certified ROSNOVSKA crested dogstail

1.50kg (10.7%) certified PANDURO smooth stalked meadowgrass

1.00kg (7.1%) certified Dark Horse rough stalked meadow grass

0.50kg (3.6%) certified TENO smaller catstail

0.50kg (3.6%) certified HIGHLAND common bentgrass

The top 9-acre field will be sown with Paddock Pasture, which is specifically designed for horse paddocks and stud farms. This helps to provide balanced grazing and dense turf and the ability to make our own hay, weather and grazing permitting. The composition of the seed per acre  

2.50kg (19.2%) certified PREMIUM perennial ryegrass

3.00kg (23.1%) certified Portstewart perennial ryegrass

2.50kg (19.2%) certified SENU meadow fescue

2.50kg (19.2%) certified MAXIMA creeping red fescue

2.00kg (15.4%) certified ERECTA timothy

1.50kg (11.5%) certified BALIN smooth stalked meadowgrass

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